MSNBC's O'Donnell: I Told the Tea Party About the Debt Ceiling

MSNBC host and Olbermann disciple, Lawrence O’Donnell played the “I thought of it first, dummy” card against the Tea Party Monday night when he stated “Most of them [tea partiers] didn’t know there was a debt ceiling until I raised the question of how they would vote on it on election night.”

Of course. Because crazy Larry O’Donnell is just so darned smart and those Tea Party morons are so stupid. One can’t help but have déjà vu when watching a network that profligates the very same narrative over the same prime-time air, night after night. Tea Party dumb, liberals smart … get it?

This comment came after O’Donnell played a lengthy clip he wrote from The West Wing discussing the matter of raising the debt ceiling. He followed up by playing top White House economist Austin Goolsbee who warned nothing short of Armageddon could happen if those crazy tea party people don’t raise the ceiling.

The consequences could be dire. Goolsbee and others have said that if the ceiling weren’t raised, other nations would have doubts about our ability to pay off the debt. Unless actually having the highest debt in human history doesn’t give the world a lot of confidence already.

O’Donnell then brought on Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to pound the message home. Yet again MSNBC finds a way of smearing the Tea Party. They’re dumb, crazy, and now suicidal. Isn’t it great that we have people like MSNBC hosts to keep them on the straight and narrow?