Obama Pollster Calls Herman Cain 'Racist' Then Denies It

Ari Fleischer calls out Cornell Belcher with a smile.

[youtube q97I2TGLI7M nolink]

BELCHER: “What Herman Cain said was a racist, bigoted statement and should be treated like a racist and bigoted person who makes racist and bigoted statements.”

FELSIECHER: “Questioning people’s motives who are trying to help is ionly going to divide people. And I think there’s too great a sensitivity about people who just say Republicans are evil, Republicans are racist, Republicans are wrong. That’s hurtful and that’s just as wrong.

BELCHER: “Well, you know, I, I , I, agree with my friend Ari, I wish I had the confidence, by the way, I never called Herman Cain a racist


FLEISCHER: “You sure did, you sure did.”

BELCHER: “No, I said his language was bigoted, I never called him actually a racist, but I understand the difference between racism and bigotry.”

Uh, yes, you did, Belcher. Verbatim.