Monday Morning Crib Sheet: Surprise! Soros-Financed Mag Calls For Occupy Violence

– Adam Jacobi, formerly with CBS, says the network fired him over reporting Joe Paterno’s death before it happened. Also:

CBS was not the only news site to falsely report Paterno’s death. But it was the first major news site to pick up the erroneous report from Onward State. CBS was criticized, in particular, for not sourcing the original death report but naming the student publication as the source of its error once the mistake was clear.

The George Soros-financed Adbusters magazine calls for Occupy to get violent at G8 summit:

Adbusters the radical, Vancouver-based anti-consumerist magazine, credited by many media outlets for launching the Occupy Wall Street protests, has put out an ad calling for 50,000 protestors to “Occupy” the G8 summit in May.

The Adbusters ad shows a of policemen beating up a defenseless protestor, and comes with the caption: “In the Tradition of the Chicago 8.” The Chicago 8 were radicals who incited riots in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention. The 1968 convention unrest became so legendary that the band Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young) wrote a about it called “Chicago.” The “tradition” of the Chicago 8 included calling for displays of public fornication and attacking police.


Nevada GOP to release caucus results via Twitter.

– Great editorial by Joseph Koenig, one of the best explanations I’ve seen of the surprise Newt + tea party meme:

GOP voters are sending a clarion call to the party establishment, but it seems GOP leaders are not getting the message. The statement being sent to the GOP elite isn’t about Newt, and it goes beyond even Romney. It is about a deep dissatisfaction that has been building for years within the Republican rank and file.

Elle: “TV’s Wonder Women.” The only question I had after reading this was upon seeing Wendy Williams’s photo with Richard Simmons: Why, at his age, is he STILL wearing those shorts?

Mona Zhang is shocked, absolutely shocked, that all the progressive white men on television are white. Because they’re all about “diversity,” Mona.

– Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and the life cycle of certain media-dealing entities in the free market digital age. Side note: I visited a Barnes and Noble the other day to pick up a few historical titles (mostly war, and then mostly WWII bios) and as I sipped a latte in the in-house Starbucks, I was reminded why I like the atmosphere of bookstores. I’ve ordered quite a few books off of Amazon, but the experience isn’t the same. When you go to a bookstore (for me at least) you’re motivated to do so for immediacy (I’m impatient when it’s a book I really want to read) and atmosphere. I hate to see any store, indie or chain, close, but as a capitalist, that’s how the market breathes. Besides, I can always take my books to a cafe.

– One year later and yep, AOL/Huffington Post merger still as much of a failure as it was on day one.