Tuesday Morning Crib Sheet: MMfA Onslaught Continues, Loesch Accepts AIM Award

– Site whose mission is to ‘correct conservative misinformation’ is oddly silent about the Daily Caller piece.

– Big Journalism’s Dana Loesch accepts the Accuracy in Media Award:

[youtube YXO_B4zZiY8 nolink]

– The David Brock Enemies List. Big Hollywood and Big Government make an appearance!

– Dylan Byers and “fingerprint coverage.”

– This is what Media Matters Editor Eric Boehlert did instead of address thisthisthis, and this:

No wonder there was a coke, not Koch, party over there. This is their JOB.

– Happy Valentine’s Day for journalists.

– Fox News picks up Media Matters bomb.

– Twitter is all in good fun until … a professional victimization group needs attention and decided to trump up an offense where none exists. Alternately titled: how progressive fascists (redundant) stifle free speech even in places where networks have no right to moderate.

– Guess who? Hint: check the masthead.

– Politico reporter withheld information about Media Matters:

About a year ago, the organization Media Matters For America gave Politico reporter Ben Smith a 2010 planning memo for a profile he was writing on the liberal advocacy group.

But Smith curiously withheld key parts of the 89-page document when he published his story, “Media Matters’ war against Fox,” in March 2011.

The Daily Caller became aware of this after obtaining the same document while reporting the series “Inside Media Matters,” which debuted here late Sunday night.

It’s not clear why Smith, who recently left Politico for the website BuzzFeed, didn’t include more specifics from the lengthy document in his March 2011 story if he had the full copy.

Approached by The Daily Caller about this on Monday, Smith reacted by subsequently posting most of the memo online at BuzzFeed. His version did not include the final five pages, which contained a Media Matters For America three-year budget outline.

– We should all be worried about the Sun journalists’s arrest.

Politico’s Dylan Byers Uses Media Matters’ Tactics to Protect Media Matters.