Reebok Regrets "Cheat On Your Girlfriend" Ad Campaign

Reebok Regrets "Cheat On Your Girlfriend" Ad Campaign

Bad marketing travels fast. That’s the lesson Reebok learned the hard waythis week after ads placed in a handful of locker rooms in Germany madetheir way stateside via social mediasites:

The motivational ad campaign’s full tagline is “cheat on yourgirlfriend, not on your workout”, but has quickly earned the wrath of socialmedia, a US website dedicated to exposing cheaters around theworld, wrote a letter to Reebok headquarters threatening to boycott thesports brand unless the ad was removed immediately.

ABC notes there was a wave of outrage over the ads on Twitter:

“Damn#reebok …. youpissed off a lot of women!” Share It Fitness tweeted.

A US spokesman for Reebok expressed his regret that the materials were printed in the first place.