Three Lies of Omission In ABC’s False Attack on Romney’s Outsourcing

Three Lies of Omission In ABC’s False Attack on Romney’s Outsourcing

As we revealed over the weekend, The Washington Post and Team Obama coordinated a hit together against Mitt Romney based on the false information that under the presumptive GOP nominee’s tenure, Bain Capital outsourced jobs. This was not only an elaborate and well-coordinated attempt to launch a broadside against Romney hatched between the Post and Obama; it was a completely false one according to none other than Glenn Kessler, the Washington Post’s own fact-checker.

Unfortunately, when it comes to our corrupt media, The Narrative is always more important than truth. Which means that, although everyone now knows the outsourcing claims have been debunked, that doesn’t mean other media outlets won’t keep repeating the Obama campaign’s phony talking points.

Case in point, Matt Negrin today at ABC News. Note how Negrin describes the Post’s story as “conveniently timed”:

A conveniently timed piece on Mitt Romney in The Washington Post has given Democrats a big chance to label him as a proponent of outsourcing jobs, a line of attack that brings together the economy, a little-known career at a private-equity firm, and China.

The thrust of the Post’s reporting is that while Romney ran Bain Capital, the firm invested in companies that moved jobs from the United States to China, India and other inexpensive countries. Presumably, that type of mentality cuts against Romney’s position as a presidential candidate, which is that America is No. 1.

The Democratic Party has seized on the report. Already this week, President Obama unveiled a TV ad that called Romney a “corporate raider” who “shipped jobs to China and Mexico” while at Bain. (And, bonus, to India when he was the governor of Massachusetts.) None of the reports cited are new.

Negrin’s phony fig leaf is in order to pretend he’s simply reporting on how the Post’s discredited story is playing out politically.

But Negrin’s lies here are of omission.

Nowhere does Negrin bother to link to James Pethokoukis’ widely read deconstruction of the Post story. Nowhere does Negrin bother to mention that the Post’s own fact-checker declared the Obama ads attacking Romney’s outsourcing as completely false. Nowhere does Negrin bother to mention that the Obama surrogate, quoted in Negrin’s piece, making the outsourcing charges against Romney, is an outsourcer himself.

Again, though, facts will never trump a narrative the media hopes will finally stick to and do damage to Romney. The very real possibility Obama could lose has the media every bit as panicked and shameless as the President himself.



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