NYT Continues To Whine About 'Citizens United'

NYT Continues To Whine About 'Citizens United'

The Supreme Court will announce its much-anticipated decisions on Arizona’s immigration and Obamacare this week, but as the election plays out,  liberals and the mainstream media will blame the Court’s campaign finance decisions. In particular, they will blame the “Citizens United” ruling, for tilting the playing field toward Republicans even though liberals control nearly every mainstream outlet.

When then-candidate Barack Obama, in 2008, opted out of the the public financing system, the mainstream media did not say a word because it helped their side.

But when the Supreme Court protected the right of private citizens to engage in constitutionally-protected free speech in the “Citizens United” case, the mainstream media’s spin has been that Republican “robber barons” are “trying to take over the government.”  

And The New York Times is, of course, leading the charge

The Times does acknowledge that “the demise of the public financing system for elections” was “hastened by Mr. Obama’s decision four years ago to abandon it” but focuses more on the “flood of money” into elections the “Citzens United” decision created and how it reflected the Supreme Court’s “dim view of campaign finance restrictions.” 

Money is never a problem and never taints politics when President Barack Obama receives millions of dollars from Hollywood liberals, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and other elite liberals like George Soros and those affiliated with him. 

But when private citizens decide to spend their own money to advance conservative causes and candidates, these private citizens are “robber barons.”  Regarding campaign finances, the mainstream media wants a system in which private money is excluded because it allows them to dictate the narrative and the agenda, building up liberals and tearing down Republicans who would be unable to defend themselves. 

New media outlets like Twitter allow Republicans to combat the mainstream media’s agenda, but “Citizens United” allows private citizens to help Republican candidates go over the heads of the mainstream media. The mainstream media now has less control than they ever had, and they are not happy about it.