The Daily Beast's 'Abortion at Sea' Made Me Seasick

The Daily Beast's 'Abortion at Sea' Made Me Seasick

Michelle Goldberg recently posted a piece titled “Abortion at Sea” on the Daily Beast. Her effort can only be described as revolting, as she attempted to apply lace to the disgusting dress of evangelic-infanticide while also managing to reinforce other dominant and false left-of-center narratives. 

Goldberg interviews a doctor who heads a Dutch “effort to bring safe abortions” to nations where the practice is outlawed. The pro-abortion Dutch group behind the effort is named “Women on Waves,” and they set out via ship to provide what they call the “fundamental human right of autonomy and sexual freedom.”The group’s founder, Dutch gynecologist Rebecca Gomberts, says her effort was inspired by the Arab Spring uprisings. 

Though Goldberg does make brief mention of the fact the Dutch government has previously declared Gomberts’ efforts as “lacking of appropriate medical training,” her piece glances over this shortcoming by surrounding it with deifying statements about the article’s subject.Goldberg adds insult to injury by throwing left-of-center reframing efforts into the mix. For instance, her assertion that “Islamic law isn’t as militantly anti-abortion as Catholic doctrine” lends to the mainstream media’s efforts to frame the over-abundance of militancy of many Islamists as somehow comparable to the isolated incidents of Christians engaging in militant behaviors. 

After making the assertion that Catholic doctrine is more militant than Islamic doctrine, Goldberg then mentions the death threats and dangers Islamists pose to Women on Waves — seemingly hoping Daily Beast readers don’t realize such details reveal the inaccuracy of her assertion.Readers can view the original article here