Unprepared in Vegas

Unprepared in Vegas

The Hangover III

The Empty Chair has better odds in Round Two. 

Buster Douglas was better prepared for his fight against Evander Holyfield. Buster came to Vegas, took naps at the golf course, spend evenings at the buffets and decided not to train for his only Heavyweight Championship defense. It ended in a third-round knockout. Not sure if Barack Obama failed to train while spending 3 days here in Las Vegas before his debate, but if he did, he’s in more trouble than anybody knows.

Certainly, most people who come to Vegas and spend three days here, expect to leave losers, but not this bad. I’ve seen a lot of Presidential Debates in my lifetime and never has there been a bigger blowout. At least some people who listened on radio thought Nixon beat JFK. You could’ve listened through a string and cup and the conclusion would’ve been the same. Romney by KO.

As the media searches, questions, wonders and freaks out (didya see MSNBC?) over why Mitt Romney smacked Barack Obama silly on Wednesday night, there are two simple answers—1) Romney has truth and facts and Obama is armed with failure, 2) the media lobbing non-stop softballs has left Obama totally unprepared.  Obama’s friends in the Activist Old Media bear much of the blame for the Denver Disaster 2012. 

Think about it—at every turn Romney has been challenged, badgered, questioned, and queried over and over again and he has been forced to come up with answers. As it should be. Republicans know the game and it is not a level playing field. Obama has been coddled, protected, babied, and fed pablum by his media and when finally challenged, he fails miserably.

Yes, the media’s game plan for Obama Victory 2012 has backfired miserably. It’s just Round One in a Five Round debate season, but there were times when I almost felt sorry for Obama on that stage. Almost. Jim Lehrer finished second on this night mainly because he fed Obama better answers than Obama gave himself. 

Romney still has Fast and Furious and Benghazi in his quiver. He fired Solyndra with laser-like accuracy.

The Veeps are up next. I’m making Paul Ryan a 14 and a half point favorite. Early money is coming big on Ryan. This line will be -17 by kickoff. 

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