Politico Hit-Job: Democrat 'Experts' Trash Romney's Foreign Policy Speech

Politico Hit-Job: Democrat 'Experts' Trash Romney's Foreign Policy Speech

***UPDATE: After this piece published, Politico changed its indefensible headline. The new headline is still misleading and the story itself is still complete garbage, but now a little less so.

While Governor Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech received all kinds of praise from supporters, even those like the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol who have not been shy about publicly criticizing the GOP nominee, leave it up to the corrupt Politico to come rushing to Obama’s aid with this headline:

Experts pan Romney foreign policy speech

The piece is from Josh Gerstein, who was obviously very careful about which “experts” he chose to talk with. If there’s a better 2012 example of a so-called journalist desperate to find a desired outcome, I have yet to see it.

In order to publish that headline (which is the only thing the corrupt Politico cared about), Gerstein published the opinions of exactly three so-called “experts,” two of whom are open partisans:

Madeleine Albright: Secretary of State under Obama booster Bill Clinton.

James Lindsay: A former Clinton staffer.

The third is:

Steve Rosen, a former senior official at the American Israel Public Affairs Council.

So two partisans and one pro-Israel advocate results in a blazing Politico headline that reads:

Experts pan Romney foreign policy speech

Politico is the hackiest hack in all of hack-dom. The dregs of the left-wing journalism world and much more concerned with being featured a hundred times a day on MSNBC than doing anything resembling telling the truth.

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