The Hill Starts Plugging Christie for President

The Hill Starts Plugging Christie for President

The Hill, in its latest attempt to redirect the Republican Party toward the Left, is shamelessly plugging Chris Christie’s newfound surge among Democrats in New Jersey and New York as a testimony to his electability in 2016 as a presidential candidate.

The Hill writes: 

The Republican governor, who served as the keynote speaker at this year’s Republican National Convention and is widely considered a potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate

Say what? The great swath of conservatives didn’t like Christie before Hurricane Sandy, but after he embraced Barack Obama in the last critical days of the 2012 campaign, he is seen like this (courtesy of Mr. Logic):

“Biggest betrayal since Fredo sold out Michael and the family. Chris, you’re nothing to us now. You’re not a Republican, you’re not a Conservative. We don’t want to know you or what you do. We don’t want to see you at the conventions. We don’t want you in our state.”

The Hill giggles that Christie is now seen favorably by 67 percent of voters from New Jersey voters, 19 points higher than in October.

When the Hill finally acknowledges that Christie’s hug with Obama could hurt his long-term prospects within the Republican Party and that his growth of support comes largely from Democrats, it immediately follows with a quote from Maurice Carroll, director of the left-wing Quinnipiac University Polling Institute:

“The storm of the century brings out the best in Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Yorkers say. But that love-fest between New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie and President Barack Obama seems to have moved voters especially. While all four leaders get very high marks — it seems a hug or two never hurts.”

The Hill is following the Democratic Party media playbook to the letter: promote left-leaning candidates like John McCain, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie, and savage anyone who represents conservative values.