TMZ: We Don't Want A Drone

TMZ: We Don't Want A Drone

Over the weekend, the San Francisco Chronicle announced that the gossip website TMZ was looking to launch a drone to monitor celebrities. According to the Chronicle, “Paparazzi are already using small drones on the Riviera to shoot photos of celebrities in otherwise hard-to-access areas.” The Chronicle also suggested that TMZ had filed an application with the Federal Aviation Administration to launch a domestic drone.

After the Drudge Report posted the article, TMZ was deluged with complaints; they responded by writing a post saying that they wouldn’t be getting involved with drones:

TMZ is NOT getting in the DRONE business … we don’t have a drone … we don’t want a drone … we never applied for a drone … despite a bogus report to the contrary …. Truth is … while drones are, in fact, awesome … it just ain’t true. We could drone on and on … but you get the point.

A spokesperson for the FAA told Politico that TMZ did not request licensing for a drone. Let the lawsuits begin.