Media Spins Red State Shootings for Gun Control, Ignores Blue State Shootings

Media Spins Red State Shootings for Gun Control, Ignores Blue State Shootings

It is an established fact at this point that the left media only likes to talk about gun control after a shooting in a red or purple state. If James Holmes shoots up a theater in Colorado, which has relatively open gun laws, we get a national conversation about gun control; if Jared Lee Loughner shoots Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in Arizona, we hear ceaselessly about gun control; if Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher murders his girlfriend in Missouri, we hear about gun control.

But when gun murders take place in blue areas, we don’t hear a peep.

Today, the Chicago Tribune reported that shootings were up 49% this November over last November; there were 129 shootings in November 2011 in the city, and 192 in the city this November. Overall, shootings are up 11% in Chicago over 2011. This is a gun crime epidemic. And the leftist press says nothing about gun control, largely because Chicago has some of the tightest gun control regulations in the nation.

Or take Northridge, California just a few hours after the Belcher shooting, when a suspect shot four people, including two women in their 20s and two men to death outside an unlicensed boarding home. Any talk of gun control? Have you even heard about the story?

The truth is that there is no apparent difference between gun controlled states and non-gun controlled states when it comes to cities with high gun murder rates. For 2006-2007, here are the firearm homicide rates for America’s most dangerous cities, per 100,000 members of the population:

New Orleans, LA — 62.1, low gun control

Detroit, MI – 35.9, heavy gun control

Baltimore, MD – 29.7, heavy gun control

Oakland, CA – 26.6, heavy gun control

Newark, NJ — 25.4, heavy gun control

St. Louis, MO – 24.1, low gun control

Miami, FL – 23.7, low gun control

Richmond, VA – 23.1, low gun control

Philadelphia, PA – 20.0, heavy gun control

Washington, DC – 19.0, heavy gun control

We have other societal problems we can blame for high rates of gun homicide. But lack of gun control – the so-called “gun culture” – is not one of them. But don’t look for the media to tell the truth about the widespread incidents of gun homicide in blue areas. It undercuts their political agenda.