MSNBC's Matthews: Fiscal Conservatism Like Being a Southern 'Segregationist'

MSNBC's Matthews: Fiscal Conservatism Like Being a Southern 'Segregationist'

Proving that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews sees a race card in every issue, on Monday the cable show host equated observing fiscal common sense with being a southern segregationist and racist.

During a year-in-review show on Monday, Dec.31, Matthews chimed in with Former Newsweek editor Howard Fineman in a discussion of why Mitt Romney lost his bid to take the White House last November wherein Fineman said one of Romney’s problems was that Romney was “Grover Norquist-ing himself” by hewing too closely to a fiscally conservative message on taxes and the budget.

That is where Matthews equated fiscal conservatism to racism.

“It’s today’s politics! It’s like, they used to say, you have to be the most segregationist guy in the south. You can never be an inch away from it because somebody would always go to your right on that issue.”

Matthews later went on to say that Obama won because “America isn’t a hard right country, intolerant and resentful of its new countrymen and women.” In other words, conservatives are “intolerant and resentful” of everyone and that is why they lost.

Now even wanting to make sure America can pay its bills is “racist.”