Media Ignore 'The War Against Black Men'

Media Ignore 'The War Against Black Men'

Over at National Review, Lee Habeeb’s written a devastating account of what’s happening in Chicago with respect to an epidemic of violence the media refuses to cover because there would be no political upside for them were they to do so:

Twenty children and six adults were killed in Newtown, Conn., last month, and the media quickly, and justifiably, descended to tell the tragic story. In the first few weeks of January in Chicago, 25 people have already been murdered. Most were young black and Hispanic men, murdered by other young black and Hispanic men.

In Chicago, it’s Newtown every month. But the media haven’t converged on Chicago this month. …

You don’t know the names of the other 530 young people, most of them minorities, who were killed in Chicago between 2008 and January 2012 either. You don’t know their names, and the national media haven’t parked their media trucks in Chicago, because the liberal narrative does not offer easy answers to the problems haunting Chicago.

You don’t know their names because the real racism that exists in the media is this: A young black male’s life is not worth reporting when it is taken by another black male.

You don’t know the names because the media don’t or can’t blame the deaths in Chicago on a weapon like the AR-15, or on the NRA.

You don’t know their names because the media aren’t interested in getting at the real cause of much of the senseless gun violence in America: fatherlessness.

Here’s the real rub:

So why don’t the media focus on the epidemic of fatherlessness in our inner cities and on the tragic consequences for boys? The mostly white liberal editors and gatekeepers of the mainstream media would never admit that liberal policies of the 1960s have had disastrous consequences. They won’t admit that government can’t replace the essential role that marriage and family plays in raising, disciplining, and loving children.

Even the New York Times has admitted the gun control push Obama’s proposing would not have done anything to stop the Newtown massacre. Because…

What we’re in the midst of is another culture war. The media and Democrats are exploiting Newtown as a way to culturally demonize the NRA and law-abiding gun owners, many of whom reside in Red States. This is nothing more than a push to marginalize  and culturally toxify people who don’t vote Democrat.

Meanwhile, every month a Newtown occurs in Chicago. But because the victims aren’t white and the solutions won’t advance the political/culture wars, the media doesn’t care. 

It is a real tragedy when some cheerleader goes missing in Aruba. But that such a thing would grab our nation’s attention as hundreds are gunned down yearly in an American city is an act of depraved indifference on the part of our media.  


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