CNN's Balanced, Heart-Wrenching Abortion Story

CNN's Balanced, Heart-Wrenching Abortion Story

Other than Obama, the one thing you can always count on the media to skew in favor of the left is the issue of abortion. For example, it is pro-lifers presented as extremists by the media when it is Democrats like Obama protecting the evil that is partial birth-abortion. If butchering a child born alive isn’t extreme, nothing is. But courtesy of senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, this morning CNN published an exception — the incredible story of a surrogate mother’s determination to save her unborn child.

[Update: Here’s CNN’s video report on the story, which is just as good.]




Five months into her pregnancy, Crystal Kelley discovers the child she’s carrying for another couple is suffering from multiple birth defects, including a cleft lip and palate, a severe heart condition, and a cyst in her brain. Doctors give her only a 25% chance of living a normal life.

Upon hearing this news, the legal parents demand their surrogate have an immediate abortion. She refuses, and the legal and financial pressure they put on the unemployed mother of two only deepens her resolve to save the child.

Almost as incredible as the story itself is the even-handed way CNN presents it, including photos.

A must-read.

Well done, CNN.


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