Chuck Todd: NRA 'Probably Going to Win' Gun Control Fight

Chuck Todd: NRA 'Probably Going to Win' Gun Control Fight

A noticeably disappointed Chuck Todd — who openly called for the NRA to compromise after the Sandy Hook shootings —  admitted Tuesday that the gun fight in DC is all but over, and has been won by the NRA. In other words, nothing is going to pass, including stronger restrictions on background checks.

According to Todd, the gun-grabbers weren’t even able to get Democrats on board.

As you can see, Todd put his best spin on the loss. But let’s be real; two states out of fifty (Colorado and Connecticut) passing stricter gun control laws is a drop in the bucket compared to what Obama, Democrats, and the media so vigorously and emotionally pushed for in the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.

Todd’s closing warning, though, is nothing short of bizarre. NBC’s chief White House correspondent laments the damage the “bi-partisan” NRA might have done to itself with Democrats:

Have they alienated the Democratic Party; are they no longer the most powerful bi-partisan lobbying group in this town? … Will they regret they’ve done this short-term strategy and burned this bridge with Democrats?

The media consider the NRA “bi-partisan?”

Well, now you tell me.

Bi-partisan is a description I have not heard from anyone in the mainstream media throughout their months-long crusade to restrict my Second Amendment civil rights. Rather, all we’ve seen is media-venom aimed at the NRA, as though it were the second coming of the Third Reich.

But now that the battle is lost, the word “bi-partisan” finally arrives on the scene.

But only to be used as a childish parting shot for the defeated.



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