Kurtz Slams Fox News for Allowing Perino to Interview Bush

Kurtz Slams Fox News for Allowing Perino to Interview Bush

CNN and Daily Beast analyst Howard Kurtz leveled strong criticism against Fox News for assigning Dana Perino to interview former President George W. Bush Thursday on the occasion of the opening of his presidential library in Texas. 

Perino, Bush’s former White House spokesperson, is now a Fox News contributor and co-host of “The Five.”  “Can you imagine the reaction at Fox if Obama had left office and [his former spokesman] Robert Gibbs was sent by MSNBC to do the interview? There would be mockery.”

Of course, we don’t need to “imagine” such a scenario. On a daily basis over at ABC News, former Clinton spokesman George Stephanopoulos is the host of “Good Morning America,” “This Week” and serves as primary substitute for ABC network anchor Diane Sawyer on “ABC World News.”  

Given the Kurtz Standard, does this take him out of the running for any interview involving former President Bill Clinton or future presidential candidate Hilary Clinton? Remember, Stephanopoulos single-handedly invented the birth control non-controversy lie during 2012’s presidential campaign. That directly benefitted Hillary Clinton’s political future since she is now able to run against a GOP challenger rather than an incumbent President Romney. Where is Kurtz’ criticism?

A good faith Google search has turned up no criticism of ABC News when Stephanopoulos interviewed Bill or Hillary in the past, but we’re sure Kurtz was all over it. 

Watch Kurtz hammer Fox News here: