7-10 PM EDT: Rep. Steve King Headlines 'Breitbart News Sunday' on Sirius XM Patriot Ch. 125

7-10 PM EDT: Rep. Steve King Headlines 'Breitbart News Sunday' on Sirius XM Patriot Ch. 125

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) will headline “Breitbart News Sunday” on Sirius XM Patriot Channel 125 on Sunday from 7 p.m. EDT to 10 p.m. EDT and discuss the USDA’s massive Pigford scandal the New York Times finally detailed this week, which vindicated the late Andrew Breitbart, who championed the Pigford scandal-and was demeaned and even called a racist for doing so–as an example of how liberals use racial politics to hurt the very people they claim they are helping. 

King, with host Stephen K. Bannon, will also discuss the Boston Marathon bombing and the threat of radical Islam, the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, America’s economic crisis, and the general direction of the country under President Barack Obama. 

Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov and contributor Lee Stranahan, who has relentlessly pursued and written about Pigford for years, will discuss how Andrew Breitbart was vindicated this week, and what this means for the conservative movement–and new media–going forward. 

Breitbart’s Matt Boyle and Brandon Darby will join Bannon tonight in Sirius’s Capitol Hill studio on Sunday evening.

Peter Schweizer, the president of the nonpartisan Government Accountability Institute (GAI), will discuss a shocking report and analysis on the reality behind Obama’s focus on America’s economic crisis. 

Breitbart’s Wynton Hall will also talk about the report that will shock Americans who are struggling economically. He will also discuss Breitbart’s Tony Lee’s reports on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with Bannon. 

Breitbart’s Matt Boyle, who has been relentlessly writing about the immigration bill, and Mike Flynn, of Breitbart News, will discuss why this week will be the most important week for the immigration bill. Breitbart’s Michael Patrick Leahy will talk about how at least one of the suspected Boston bombers was on welfare assistance. 

Breitbart’s Liz Sheld will talk about the radicalization of the suspected terrorists and the mosque suspected of promoting radical Islamic views. Breitbart News contributors Dr. Susan Berry and Mary Chastain will discuss the Kermit Gosnell case. And Breitbart News legal contributor Ken Klukowski will discuss the gutting of the military under President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. 

Bannon, Breitbart News’ Executive Chairman, hosts the weekly three-hour show that has gotten acclaim and plays a part in setting the next week’s news cycle.