CNN's Cooper 'Marries' SNL's Stefon In Weekend Update Sketch

CNN's Cooper 'Marries' SNL's Stefon In Weekend Update Sketch

Anderson Cooper is one of the few remaining journalists in CNN’s prime time line-up who actually attracts viewers on a semi-regular basis. Saturday night he appeared in a pre-filmed sketch on Saturday Night Live designed to send off perennial players Seth Myers and Bill Hader.  

Hader’s flamboyant character, Stefon, is a regular on Myers’ Weekend Update segment and there has been an ongoing, flirtatious subtext to the segment between the two and that plot line came to full fruition this week as Myers chased after Stefon (in the style of “The Graduate”) to interrupt his marriage. As the camera pans to reveal the church setting Stefon’s groom is revealed: CNN’s newsman Anderson Cooper. 

Not only was the anchor of CNN’s political and breaking news coverage scene participating in a pretend gay marriage, he then got his butt kicked by Myers. 

Watch the entire segment here: