CNN Makes Big News of Racist Tweets Written By… Nobodies

CNN Makes Big News of Racist Tweets Written By… Nobodies

As much as anyone, I appreciate the fact that CNN is trying to resurrect its ratings through a more tabloid style of journalism. Anything that removes these leftists further from America’s political dialogue is a plus for America. But how stupid and desperate does CNN have to be in order to make Big News of racist tweets written by anonymous nobodies.


An 11-year-old boy’s rendition of the national anthem at Game 3 of the NBA finals brought the usual appreciative applause Tuesday, but outside AT&T Center in San Antonio, his performance brought a darker reaction from some posters on social media — and eventually an online backlash against their racist comments.

Here’s a sampling of some of the unkind tweets that went flying around the Internet about Sebastien De La Cruz:

— “Why they got a Mexican kid singing the national anthem -___-” from Daniel Gilmore.

— “How you singing the national anthem looking like an illegal immigrant” from Andre Lacey, proud father and firefighter from Augusta, Georgia.

— “Why is a foreigner singing the national anthem. I realize that’s San Antonio but that still ain’t Mexico” from Lewie Groh.

— “Who let this illegal alien sing our national anthem?” from Matt Cyrus.

And the list went on and on.

Yes, you read that right: in a country of over 300 million, how do a few bigoted goofballs mouthing off on social media somehow add up to a major feature at and a highly produced feature running hourly on the cable channel?

And this is political — a left-wing network extrapolating from the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of a barrel to paint Hispanics as victims and America as racist. It all fits into the current debate on immigration reform a little too neatly, no?

Wouldn’t it be nice if CNN were to direct the investigate energies needed to find these tweets toward, say, the IRS scandal or Benghazi or the new State Department revelations?

And I guess I must have missed all those CNN stories about whites being attacked for being whites out there on the Twitter-nets. Or maybe that just never happens. *eye roll*

CNN’s new slogan really needs to be: The Most Reliable Name in Stupid and Shallow.

P.S. Dear CNN: The news here isn’t the racist tweets; the news is that  America is such a great country that you had to go to these sorry lengths to find any racism. The media news, though, is that your sorry excuse for a news outlet reported this nonsense like it was some sort of scoop. 

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