NBC's Senior Political Editor Suggests DC Scandals Not 'Real'

NBC's Senior Political Editor Suggests DC Scandals Not 'Real'

Mark Murray is a senior political editor for NBC News who regularly contributes at NBC’s influential First Read with Chuck Todd and a few others. Using his Twitter account Wednesday, Murray  suggested that the “recent … scandals/controversies … in DC” are not “REAL:”

Some of the recent “scandals/controversies” in DC now include Benghazi, where the White House lied about its role in shaping the CIA talking points from something that was 80% true into something that was 100% untrue.

There is also the IRS’s admitted targeting of conservative political groups with paralyzing harassment in the lead up to the 2012 election; the Justice Department claiming a reporter engaged in espionage in order to seize his phone and email records — and the phone records of the reporter’s parents; and James Clapper, the Director or National Intelligence, caught lying to Congress about data collection.

Mark Murray is married to Sasha Johnson, an Obama appointee at the Federal Aviation Administration. Murray never voluntarily disclosed this link to the Obama administration. Murray only disclosed the conflict after Richard Grenell, a Fox news media commentator, confronted him.


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