MSNBC Anchor Attacks Weiner Sext Pal as 'Batsh*t'

MSNBC Anchor Attacks Weiner Sext Pal as 'Batsh*t'

Wednesday, live  on the MSNBC airwaves, anchor Thomas Roberts attacked Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner’s sexting pal, as “batshit.”

It is important to remember that Leathers is much more than Weiner’s sexting partner. She is also a Democrat operative out of Indiana, a liberal blogger, and one-time Obama campaign worker.

And here we were told by the media that sexually liberated women were modern-day feminists and role models… 

But I guess when that sexual liberation embarrasses the Democrat party and snuffs out Obama’s 12,245th pivot to the economy, it becomes batshit.

…and the War on Women continues.

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