CNN Ratings Return to Embarrassing Lows

CNN Ratings Return to Embarrassing Lows

TV By the Numbers reports that on Thursday night, CNN hit the kind of lows the network had likely hoped were behind them. In the all-important 25-54 demo, CNN’s primetime hit the second lowest numbers of the year with a paltry 76,000 viewers. That same night, Piers Morgan was only able to pull in 71,000 viewers from that demo.

Worse still, CNN also lost the demo fight Thursday night to its sister network, HLN.

By comparison, MSNBC averaged 131,000 primetime demo viewers. Fox News nearly beatboth of its left-wing counterparts combined with 216,000 demo viewers.

At the end of July, CNN was giddy announcing its ratings for that month.But August is already proving July a fluke. As Breitbart Newsreported as early as July 19, CNN’s dominance over third place MSNBC was already sputtering as thenews surrounding the Zimmerman trial ran out of gas. And thus far,throughout August, MSNBC has reclaimed its second place standing overCNN many more times than not in every important area (total viewers,primetime viewers, 25-54 viewers).


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