Report: 'Nakedly Liberal Leanings' of MSNBC Too Much for Chuck Todd

Report: 'Nakedly Liberal Leanings' of MSNBC Too Much for Chuck Todd

MSNBC is reportedly too liberal even for NBC political director Chuck Todd. 

During the 2012 election, Todd was keenly aware of the network’s biases–and NBC’s affiliation with it–and that is why he decided to devote considerable resources to cover both Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

These revelations are found in CNN reporter Peter Hamby’s report he published for Harvard Kennedy’s School of Government. Hamby interviewed over 70 “journalists and political tacticians” to survey the terrain on which modern political campaigns are fought and published his findings in a paper titled, “Did Twitter Kill the Boys on the Bus? Searching for a better way to cover a campaign.” 

During his interview with Todd, Hamby wrote that “Todd also brought up the nakedly liberal leanings of MSNBC,” which broadcasts his Daily Rundown show, reportedly saying he did not want to be accused of “half-assing coverage” of Romney.

According to Hamby, Todd also explained that he had to devote resources to cover Romney and Ryan in order to feed multiple entities, including “NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and Telemundo–in addition to”