Nabisco Taunts Conservative Moms with Yet Another Pro-LGBT Ad

Nabisco Taunts Conservative Moms with Yet Another Pro-LGBT Ad

In what will only be seen as an in-your-face response to religious conservatives, the Nabisco company has released another pro-LGBT ad, this time in Twitter form. The Huffington Post was all atwitter that Nabisco released the ad just in time for Pride Month.

The ad is a takeoff on the LGBT equals sign: two graham crackers, one a “bottom”, the other a “top,” with the tagline “This Is Wholesome.”

Nabisco came under fire last March when it released what HuffPo calls “a powerful pro-LGBT family ad.” The Million Mom March complained, and Nabisco responded with another ad.

It is hard to know how many graham crackers the LGBT community in America consumes, but it’s likely not many since they total around 9.6 million, or 4% of the adult population.

Moreover, adult men are usually not who comes to mind when you think graham crackers. LGBT individuals probably don’t consume nearly as many graham crackers as the children of evangelicals. Even so, Nabisco seems quite content to challenge – some would say insult – the moms who may be their best customers.

Last year the head of Barilla pasta said he would not use a gay couple in his advertising since his is a family company. He backed down almost immediately. The LGBT community shows itself continuously to be the most powerful discriminated against group in American history.