Bloomberg Gun Control Group Sponsors ‘Journalism’ Course on Gun Violence

Reuters/Jim Young
Reuters/Jim Young

On April 17 and 18 Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety will help fund a two day workshop to “enhance the practical ability of journalists to report on guns and gun violence knowledgeably, ethically, and effectively.”

Neither the NRA or Gun Owners of America will be there to help instruct “journalists,” but there will be “national public health and policy experts; researchers and clinicians; award-winning journalists, and prevention advocates and survivors.”

The crash-course on “gun violence” is being held under the auspices of Columbia Journalism School’s Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma (Dart).According to Dart, “the workshop will cover such topics as state and federal gun laws; patterns of gun sales and gun trafficking; national trends and polling; education and prevention initiatives; social, economic, and public health impacts; and special populations (e.g., children and youth, women and returning veterans).”

One of Dart’s goals is to “provide practical tools to enable journalists to successfully produce meaningful stories on guns and gun violence.”

It’s a safe bet Dart will not be covering the “2,082” instances of defensive gun uses that occur in the United States each day. That’s 2,082 times a gun is used to defend life and property everyday in this country. It seems journalists are largely failing to report on that.

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