Bob Costas: Did Founders Want Us Buying ‘Cop-Killer, Armor Piercing Bullets?’


On the March 20 episode of Real Time With Bill Maher, NBC Sportscaster Bob Costas laughed off criticism of his many pro-gun control comments and added to them by asking if people really believe the Founding Fathers wanted “private citizens… to purchase cop-killer, armor-piercing bullets” and an “AK-47”?

Maher opened the door for Costas to do so by citing topics Costas has spoken on –“gay, guns, head injuries”– and suggesting Costas “has to” talk about these things because not other “sportscaster” or “broadcaster” is doing it.

The focus then turned to Costas’ April 2014 suggestion that athletes can’t be trusted with guns, a rant in which Costas lamented our “gun culture” and the “sorry incidents” that happen because athletes own guns.

In reiterating these points to Maher, Costas pointed to NFL defensive end Greg Hardy, “who just got signed with the Cowboys but sat out most of last year because he was involved in a domestic violence case, which is prevalent in the NFL, and dominated the news last season.” The only link Costas could make between the domestic violence case and firearms was that Hardy “threw” his girlfriend “on a couch with loaded shotguns and assault weapons on [it].”

Costas was so absorbed in criticizing guns that he failed to note that guns weren’t used in the acts he was attributing to Hardy. Rather, the violence his girlfriend faced was allegedly committed with Hardy’s own hands.

Nevertheless, Costas followed this story by asking:

Is this what the Founding Fathers had in mind? That Greg Hardy should be armed to the teeth? That private citizens should be able to purchase cop-killer, armor piercing bullets? That you should be able to have a AK-47?

He said that people who answer these questions in the affirmative need to take their line of thinking “to its logical conclusion.” And that means, “if you are fearful [of] a tyrannical government taking away your rights as citizens then you ought to have a bazooka, you ought to have a tank, you ought to be able have nuclear weapons if you can get them before ISIS can get their hands on them.”

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