What Barack Obama Suffers While Traveling

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

New York Magazine, bemoaning the terrible hardships Barack Obama must endure as President of the United States, writes that the constantly jet-setting Obama lives a rough life because his hotel rooms never have a view, and he has to keep the blinds closed.

That’s not all, according to Yahoo, there is a whole litany of complaints that the ostensible leader of the free world could write, including:

  1. The president has to enter hotels by dumpsters because he has to use the service entrance for security reasons.
  2. He is always accompanied by aides, advisers, and security personnel; the poor man never gets a moment alone.
  3. The sudden shift in plans: Yahoo reported that when Obama visited the Gulf Coast during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, he had to cancel an international trip and book a new one.
  4. The humble Obama has stayed at the prosaic Hampton Inn near the airport in Des Moines, Iowa. Why? “He stayed there in ’07, ’08… sees it as a little bit good luck,” according to one former aide.
  5. Because hotels attempt to make their hotels look nice for the president, “It’s not uncommon to be walking around a hotel where the president is about to stay and smelling an odor of fresh paint,” according to one former Obama aide.

By July of 2014, Barack Obama and his family had spent 44 million dollars in taxpayer money on travel and vacations.