HuffPo: Dig In and Fight, Rather Than Follow Laws Protecting Gun Rights


On January 11, Breitbart News reported on a Pennsylvania preemption law that recognizes gun owners’ rights to “seek damages” from municipalities if those municipalities have ordinances regulating the “ownership, possession, transfer, or transportation of guns and ammunition” that are in conflict with state laws on the same.

The law–Act 192–was signed by former Governor Tom Corbett (R) and took effect this year.

On March 31, the Huffington Post ran a column claiming it is better for a municipality to be a gun-controlling David opposing the Goliath of gun rights–fighting the spread of legally-owned guns–than to give in and be another municipality where law-abiding citizens can carry guns in a park when walking with their kids.

According to HuffPo, Lower Merion Township is a holdout in the face of the new law, and Commissioner Daniel Bernheim plans to keep it that way as long as possible.

But pressure is mounting. Breitbart News previously reported that attorney Joshua Prince has already “put nearly 100 municipalities on notice” that lawsuits are coming if they do not following the preemption law. And HuffPo reported that Lower Merion has already received a letter saying they will be saddled with court costs if they lose in a suit over non-compliance with the new law.

But the HuffPo column suggested that digging in and fighting is better than compliance. After all, isn’t “the right to bear arms … pathetically outdated?” And even “if you are some responsible NRA person,” doesn’t the very “existence of firearms” open the door to “unauthorized gun use”?

Moreover, to comply is to give the NRA another victory, and HuffPo refuses “to be bullied by the NRA forever.”

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