New York Times: Marco Rubio’s Ethnicity Offers ‘Balm’ to GOP’s ‘Prejudice’

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Associated Press

The New York Times claims Marco Rubio “campaigns on his immigrant story, cautiously,” then basically goes on to indict the GOP as a party of racism. This isn’t reporting, it’s laying out the narrative with which the so-called reporters of the mainstream media see the GOP and Rubio.

As Mr. Rubio has introduced himself to curious, and overwhelmingly Caucasian, Republican audiences from Iowa to New Hampshire, he has vaulted to the front ranks of the early pack of likely presidential candidates, partly because of his natural political talent. But it may owe just as much to the combination of his personal story and the balm it offers to a party that has been repeatedly scalded by accusations of prejudice.

Marco Rubio says he’s highlighting his background, and from all accounts, he’s doing just that, without going overboard to play identity politics the way many Democrats would. But what Rubio says isn’t good enough for the Times. They need to put words in his mouth and thoughts in his head.

Perhaps Jonathan Martin and Ashley Parker are uncomfortable with the notion that, Rubio, a Hispanic, can actually think and speak for himself.

He says he is highlighting his background only to share his own twist on the American dream — not out of any desire to make history on behalf of Hispanics. But Mr. Rubio and those around him are also acutely aware of the sometimes raw tensions in his party, between those unsettled by an increasingly diverse society and those who say Republicans must embrace the multihued America of 2015.