Video: Jake Tapper Retains Dignity As Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin Have O-Gasm


CNN’s Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin were not reporting on Obama’s Charleston eulogy Friday afternoon, they were both in full-swoon — having an full-on O-gasm in front of the whole world.  This was MSNBC on steroids … this wasn’t the professional reporting of two professional anchor but the reaction of two tweens in 1991 exiting a New Kids On the Block concert.

This was also a dog bites man story, the usual-usual at the left-wing CNN (especially from Baldwin) — at least until Jake Tapper showed up to contrast the difference between an actual professional news man and two squealing 12 year-olds.

The Matrix of media bias is always there — especially at CNN — sometimes, though, just to prove to the world I’m not insane, The Matrix makes itself more apparent than usual.

And what was Tapper’s sin according to Lemon? That Tapper was reporting rather than joining the slumber party (We’re gunna watch “Grease” and drink Mountain Dew and stay up all night and — hey, what’s your problem?).

Tapper violated the groupthink by putting a presidential moment into proper historical context, as opposed to blind cheerleading.

On a human level, Lemon’s hubris was simply grotesque, an epic overreach of sanctimony that he felt gave him the right to publicly chastise (with a nitpick) one of the few remaining respected anchors in the country, and the only one currently employed by CNN.

We’re lucky to have Jake Tapper but there is no question he is vastly outnumbered at CNN, and an outlier — certainly not the future of where the network is headed.


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