Weekly Ratings: Hate Network CNN Loses to MSNBC, Fox On Top


In all of cable, meaning the near 100 channels metered, Fox News primetime again came out on top of its left-wing cable news competition. In fact, Fox News beat every cable network out there except for the Discovery Network. Hate Network CNN had an especially bad primetime week, coming in at #29, compared to Fox’s #2.

CNN was even beat by floundering MSNBC, which came in at #26 in total primetime viewers.

The CNN comeback is all smoke and mirrors.

CNN is so mistrusted, no one even bothered to tune in to watch Hillary Clinton’s first national interview in months.

The left-wing, anti-cop hate network that is currently so off-the-rails it is telling viewers 276 sanctuary cities simply don’t exist, uses inside-inside numbers to project its comeback. As far as actual reach, during the all-important primetime hours, CNN chief Jeff Zucker is spending a lot of money and hate to still lose to MSNBC.

When CNN has a bad ratings week, inner-city America needs to stock up on canned goods and fire insurance.


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