WaPo Celebrates White House Feminists Who Chose Codenames ‘Peaches’ and ‘Popsicle’

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The Washington Post’s Emily Heil not only crafted the single most stupid article I have read in years, I actually had to read it three times to believe it. The Washington Post is actually celebrating the “subversive feminism” of two Obama White House staffers who requested “Popsicle” and “Peaches” for Secret Service codenames, and then sat around and giggled like schoolgirls whenever the agents announced their arrival:

[T]he duo eschewed their male predecessors’ presumably alpha-male-appropriate code names and picked ones that poked the patriarchy. The women “delighted in watching the mostly male, macho Secret Service agents announce the arrival of Popsicle and Peaches[.]”

These trailblazing Martin Luther Queens were appalled at the idea of being victimized by The Patriarchy like Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, whose Secret Service codenames are — trigger warning — “Renaissance” and “Tempo,” respectively.

But that’s not all these two super-mature gal-pals did to strike a blow against oppression:

Another subtle strike for feminism from the West Wing?  Both women kept figurines on their desks of Smurfette, the sole female character on the popular cartoon show who has become a symbol of gender inequality[.]

Without irony, the WaPo salute closes with one of the guerrilla girlzzz expressing her shock over the fact that the professional male grown-ups never said anything:

“I kept waiting for the guys to say something,” DeParle told Newton-Small. “But no one ever asked.”

From the sound of it, the ladies went with the codenames “Peaches” and “Popsicle” because “Shallow” and “Stupid” were taken.


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