Meet the Press Highlights Breitbart Debate Coverage Alongside NYT, WaPo

In a Meet the Press panel discussion of Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate, NBC included Breitbart News alongside the New York Times and Washington Post in a graphic showing the pulse of media reactions to the debate.

Pasted image at 2016_02_07 10_48 AM

Host Chuck Todd reinforced the point by reading the headlines aloud: “Look at these headlines. New York Times: ‘GOP rivals jab at Rubio to try to slow his rise.’ Washington Post: ‘Rubio endures an assault in a rollicking GOP debate.’ Breitbart: ‘Rubio rattled.’ The Boston Herald this morning. I don’t have that out; I wish I could hold it up: ‘Choke’ with Rubio.”

The Washington Post recently profiled Breitbart News as “a dominant voice in conservative media” with 17 million unique readers in December 2015.