EWTN Founder Mother Angelica Dead at 92

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From AL.Com Ivana Hhrynkiw writes:

Mother Angelica has passed away today at the age of 92, according to the Eternal Word Television Network.

EWTN, the world’s largest Catholic satellite network, was founded by Mother Angelica out of a garage next to the monastery she started in Irondale.

Mother Angelica also hosted a long-running talk show. Her show is still seen on reruns internationally.

She even received a video message from Pope Francis last month, when he asked the nun to pray for him.

Her health has declined over the year, but she wanted to remain alive as long as possible, she said.

She once told her fellow nuns, “We don’t understand the awesomeness of living even one more day… I told my sisters the other day, ‘When I get really bad give me all the medicine I can take, all the tubes you can stuff down me.’

‘Why’d you want that?’

‘I want to live.’

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