Mediaite: Sarah Palin Incites Hatred by Lying About Obama’s Hiroshima Apology

Sarah Palin speaks during a panel discussion before a preview of the film "Climate Hustle" on Capitol Hill, on Thursday, April 14, 2016, in Washington. Palin says voters won’t stand for it if Republican power brokers try to take the presidential nomination away from Donald Trump or Ted Cruz at …
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Tommy Christopher writes at Mediaite:

Ann Coulter wasn’t the only bigmouth to open her gaping yap aboutPresident Obama‘s historic speech at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial this week. In between goosing the crowd during her introduction of presumptive Republican presidential nominee and Golden Wrecking Ball Donald Trump, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin incited the hooting crowd against President Obama by telling a string of lies about his speech, and for good measure, referred to one of the great human tragedies in history as America “put(ting) a boot in yer ass!”

Palin accused the President of “apologizing,” and of “dissing our vets with claimes that the greatest generation were perhaps perpetuating the evils of World War II,” and of “suggesting and actually lying in suggestions that we were wrong to prove to the world that we would eradicate evil.”

Of course, anyone who actually watched the President’s speech would know that, although he displayed the solemnity that any thinking, feeling human being would on a site where babies had been vaporized, his actual speech was chock-full of justification, and of remembrances for the innocents lost to the evil of the Axis powers, including references specific to Japan:

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