New York Magazine Bemoans Trump’s ‘Dangerous’ Attacks on Biased Media

Getty/AFP Sara D. Davis

From Ed Kilgore writing at New York magazine:

As this election year gears down toward a frenzied conclusion, one of the constants of modern American politics, Republican demonization of the mainstream news media as “biased,” is reaching a new level of savagery at the hands of Donald Trump.

Commenting on the tone of Trump rallies this week, Politico’s Ben Schreckinger was clearly shaken by the anti-media hate fever:

As the Republican nominee has resorted to more extreme denunciations of the press in recent days, his supporters have followed suit. Chants of “CNN sucks” have become commonplace at Trump’s rallies this week and members of the traveling press were called “whores” and “press-titutes” as they filed out of a Thursday afternoon rally in West Palm Beach. Minutes before, Trump had accused reporters of participating in a vast globalist conspiracy against his campaign and American workers.

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