Hartford Courant Endorses Hillary Clinton: ‘She Has the Right Values’

hillary clinton
Cliff Owen/Associated Press

The Hartford Courant editorial board is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, reposting its October 7 endorsement of Clinton “as Americans prepare to vote Tuesday.”

“She has the right values for a nation that has seen the evil that hatred does,” the board says of Clinton. “She would not indulge bigotry or foment fears…Mrs. Clinton has, as President Barack Obama said, the compassion and the heart for the job.”

The board says Clinton is needed as president because America is a “racist” nation, though it also claims “those who promulgate bigotry and divisiveness are a small – if loud – segment of the population.”

“But race is so deeply woven into the fabric of the national conversation that it is all but impossible not to see the world through the prism of color,” the Courant continues. “Like it or not, we all bring our preconceptions and prejudices and fears to that debate.”

The editorial board says of Clinton’s “flaws”:

She was wrong to use a private email server in her home while working at State, and she took far too long to apologize for it. The Clinton Foundation has always been seen as a way to buy her influence, no matter how many firewalls are put up. She’s taken large speaking fees that could make her feel beholden. She is too close to Wall Street. She can appear arrogant and distant — traits that do not serve a national leader well.

The board, nevertheless, finds Clinton’s “flaws” negligible, and states, “Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are not even in the same ballpark.”

“Critics though she may have, Mrs. Clinton is a smart, compassionate leader,” says the board.