Reuters Cites ‘Conservative’ Ana Navarro to Attack Jeff Sessions

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Reuters published a misleading article Friday entitled, “Conservatives have concerns about Sessions as Trump’s attorney general.”

The single “conservative” quoted is Ana Navarro, a longtime establishment Republican strategist and CNN commentator who has repeatedly bashed President-elect Donald Trump and proudly admitted to voting for Hillary Clinton.

“President-elect Donald Trump on Friday named his earliest and staunchest supporter in the Senate, conservative Republican Jeff Sessions, to become the next U.S. attorney general, triggering an outcry from civil rights groups as well as some conservatives outside Congress who are uneasy about Sessions’ positions,” the Reuters article reads.

Reuters goes on to quote Navarro’s Tweet posted Friday morning, in which she calls Senator Sessions “racist.”

“Jeff Sessions, considered too racist to be a judge in 80’s, is Trump’s AG. Best to go back to sleep, America. I’ll wake u up when it’s over,” Navarro tweeted.

The 900-word Reuters article continues citing Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake, a committed critic of Trump. However, Flake isn’t concerned about Trump’s appointment of Sessions. “I look forward to supporting his nomination,” Flake tweeted Friday.

Indeed, the only individuals with concerns about Sessions’ appointment and quoted by Reuters are far from conservative.

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