WND Bans Advertisers Boycotting Breitbart


In his latest op-ed, World Net Daily founder, editor, and CEO Joseph Farah offers a generous show of solidarity with Breitbart News by refusing advertising from organizations boycotting Breitbart.

From WND:

The federal government of Canada has pulled advertising from Breitbart.com.

In response, I’m going to do what I did when Kellogg chose to blacklist what many might consider WND’s competition in the independent online news community: Tell Canada to dump WND, too.

Our neighbor to the north might as well follow my advice as I have instructed my advertising department to block ads from the Canadian government as long as this anti-Breitbart hysteria continues.

To make matters worse, it appears that an “inquiry” from a Canadian newspaper – the Toronto Globe and Mail – prompted the ban.

This same despicable media outlet suggested in its story celebrating the Breitbart ad ban that the blacklist should be expanded to include WND and other highly trafficked independent voices. The standard Breitbart supposedly didn’t meet is one approved by the Government’s Code of Values and Ethics. It states: “The Government of Canada does not support advertising on websites that are deemed to incite racial hatred, discrimination or the subversion of Canada’s democratic system of government.”

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