CNN: ‘New’ Obama is ‘Nothing New’

Eventual winner or loser, I have never seen, 14 days out, a sitting president up for reelection on defense over his lack of vision for a second-term. Since Obama couldn’t run on his failed record he chose instead to put all of his eggs in the basket of disqualifying Romney, but after that blew up in his face during the first debate, he’s now left with nothing but Big Bird, binders, and bayonets.

Today, Obama not only released his 30-page second term agenda (in a binder!) he also launched a new ad defensively claiming to actually have a vision for another term. The only problem is that the media’s not buying it and I doubt anyone else will:

The media is partly to blame for Obama coming up short. They eagerly joined in on the disqualifying crusade. Had the media held Obama to even a tenth the standard they did Romney and demanded a plan, Obama might’ve been ready to project a forward-looking vision today.

Instead, Obama just looks desperate with his 30-page glossy Hail Mary.