Frightened Chris Matthews Reduced to Screaming Racism … Again

Chris Matthews is melting down. Even though the media and polls back up the claim that Obama won last night’s debate, there’s been no celebration in Mudville.

After last night’s debate, the media looked spooked and today they look even more spooked. Most are able to hide the panic. Matthews, though, who years ago lost what was once an interesting mind, is completely incapable of hiding anything:

Matthews’ history of what is nothing more than McCarthyism, is well-documented. In 2011, he was forced to apologize after comparing a Romney campaign slogan to the KKK. This kind of divisive, thoughtless, ad hominen is all he has anymore.

More proof that when it comes to our most unbalanced but still entertaining barometer of how well things are really going for Obama, Tweety McTingles is our man!