John Harwood Goes Full-Truther With Poll Damaging to Obama

On Twitter, CNBC’s John J. Harwood openly laughs at those of us who dare question polls that show Obama winning with a higher turnout advantage in 2012 than he enjoyed in 2008. And yet, just now on MSNBC’s Now With Alex, Harwood said of the new Associated Press poll showing Romney up 47-45%…

Don’t believe polls that show Romney tied with women or Obama tied with men.

Well, well, well…

Harwood is supposed to be a journalist, but when the real media-history of the 2012 election is finally written, it will not look kindly on those like Harwood who mocked those who did what is supposed to be his job — you, know, questioned things like counter-intuitive polls and employment numbers.

But now that a poll’s been released that might create a Narrative damaging to his Precious One, Harwood gleefully joins The Truther Club.

Well, welcome aboard, John. Did it feel good exercising those skeptical muscles? I know you were carrying water at the time, but still… hope you didn’t strain anything. 

For the record, I also don’t believe Romney’s tied with women voters. But when you’re questioning a poll damaging to Obama, the corrupt media’s a-okay with that.