’60 Minutes’ Busted Aiding & Abetting Obama’s Libya Cover Up

Objectively disgraceful behavior from “60 Minutes.”

Withholding damning video of Obama completely contradicting himself on Libya is nothing more than CBS News actively participating in the White House cover up:

Why did CBS release a clip that appeared to back up Obama’s claim in the  second debate on Oct. 19, a few days before the foreign policy debate, and not  release the rest of that interview at the beginning? 

Why on the Sunday before the election, almost six weeks after the attack, at  6 p.m. does an obscure online timeline posted on CBS.com contain the additional  “60  Minutes” interview material from Sept. 12? 

Why wasn’t it news after the president said what he said in the second  debate, knowing what they had in that “60  Minutes” tape — why didn’t they use it then? And why is it taking Fox News  to spur other media organizations to take the Benghazi story seriously?  

Whatever your politics, there are a lot of loose ends here, a lot of  unanswered questions and a lot of strange political maneuvers that don’t add  up.

That’s what reporters should live for, but this time they’re not.  We  will. 

You want to read it all.