Tweety McTingles Looks Worried; Chuck ‘The Juice’ Todd No Longer Elated

Normally, I don’t watch MSNBC’s Hardball; there’s really no point. Chris Matthews used to be interesting, but now he’s just bitter and a little nuts. But I wanted to take a look today to see how Tweety McTingles was looking, and I am proud to report he looks worried. Hardball’s opening segment could’ve pretty much be called, “Howard Fineman and Chuck ‘The Juice’ Todd are here to tell me why Obama will win.”

And tell McTingles why Obama will win they did.

We call Todd, Chuck “The Juice” Todd, because of his bitter clinging to any juicy-juiced-juicery NBC has manufactured at the exclusion of all other polls. On Todd’s planet — let’s call it Juicetopia — Romney’s not doing well with Independents or late deciders. Sure, the poll is 49-48 Obama — but don’t worry, Mr. McTingles, your Precious will win.

This morning Todd was elated, on cloud numero nine, because he was sure Obama had this in the bag. Now, though, he looks less elated. That could be because the juicy-juiced-juicery high is wearing off or because he poked his head out of Planet Juicetopia for a look at Planet Gallup and Planet Rasmussen.