The Incredibly Useless Howard Kurtz Enters Day Three of Dumb Anti-Fox Crusade

So a few days ago, a guest came on Fox News and started ripping Fox News, and the anchor cut the interview short.

And now, The Incredibly Useless Howard Kurtz is still on about it, up to and including a big, furrow-browed roundtable discussion that just ended on CNN.

With all the bias, all the corruption, all the bad media going on throughout MediaWorld, this is all The Incredibly Useless Howard Kurtz has to do with his time?

It’s pretty obvious that all he’s doing is ingratiating himself with the same media he’s supposed to watchdog by going on this ridiculous crusade against Fox News.

Fine, criticize them — but three days, Howie? You don’t think the anti-gay joke hurled at Lindsey Graham on “Morning Joe” might be a bigger story?

The man’s not only useless, he’s a sell-out and a coward. A real watchdog would have an adversarial relationship with the media. But our media just loves them some Howie.


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