Media's Lie of Omission: John Kerry's Seat To Open Up Anyway

If there’s a bigger liar of omission than the mainstream media, I have no idea who or what that might possibly be. For example…

Because the media’s so desperate to protect Obama from the deserved political and historical fall-out that should be a consequence of his Libya cover up, they’re attaching sinister motives to every move Republicans make to get to the truth. For example, all this nonsense about how Susan Rice is being targeted because she’s black and a woman and not because she repeatedly lied to the American people one Sunday morning in November.

Another theory being floated is that Republicans have set their sights on Rice in the hopes of scaring Obama away from nominating her for secretary of state. Everyone knows that if Rice doesn’t get the nod, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry will. Which means Republicans might be able to capture his senate seat after it opens up. 

What the media’s not telling you is that this theory is ridiculous. If Kerry isn’t nominated for State, everyone knows he’ll be nominated as Secretary of Defense — which means his Senate seat still opens up. 

But the media doesn’t relay that news because it takes away a talking point beneficial to Obama and harmful to Republicans.





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