Is Bridget Foley “Jealous”, “spiteful”, “petty”?

In response to WWD Fashion Editor To Michelle Obama: Stop Acting Like An ‘Indulged Starlet’:

I see the WWD fashion editor, Bridget Foley is getting hit pretty hard in their comment section, over there. It would appear that women who read fashion magazines tend to lean left.

I have to say, though, that Foley’s frustration and  angst did seem a little silly to me. Who cares THAT MUCH about MO’s inauguration fashion choices?! I guess people in her industry have to, but sheesh.

Foley’s absolutely correct, of course,  that Michelle Obama acts like a spoiled, “indulged starlet” – like she’s  American royalty, or something.

She did end up looking very nice for the inauguration, but with 15+ designers working for her – she’d better!