Best Laid Plan for Dividing Household Chores

I’ve always contended that if I ever get married or shack up (now legal in Virginia!) I would be willing to cook, clean and do all other housework in exchange for the yard work being done by the man.  And killing bugs, obviously.  If that day ever comes I will have proof in hand that it will be worthwhile for him.  Via The Daily Caller:

A study published in the February edition of the American Sociological Review concludes that  husbands who engaged in more traditionally masculine chores — yard work, trash  collection, home repairs — tend to get more action in the bedroom than those who  gravitated to the more feminine tasks around the house — cooking, cleaning,  etc.

“Our findings suggest the importance of gender display for sexual frequency  in heterosexual marriage: couples where men participate more in core tasks — work typically done by women — report lower sexual frequency,” the researchers  wrote. “Similarly, couples where men participate more in non-core, traditionally  masculine tasks report higher sexual frequency, suggesting the importance of  gender-typed participation in household labor.”

I also wasn’t surprised to see a new show premiering on the Style Network called “Built.”  It’s a reality show that follows several eye-appealing men who do home repairs.  Given that it’s a reality show, I’m sure they are also amateur actors and models.  Still, any seasoned repairman will tell you it’s easier to hammer nails without the hassle of wearing a shirt.